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BSB Latest News

Posted 17th January 2022


The ACP Addressable Control System has been specifically designed and developed for the control, monitoring and operation of connected ventilation damper systems and includes interface functions for Fans & BMS systems along with standard programmable inputs/Outputs which can be setup to meet specific project requirements.

The ACP focusses on life safety systems, for controlling Fire/Smoke damper systems, with programmable “Cause and Effect” to suit specific project requirements, but can be programmed to suit a number of applications as required.

Standard sizes range from ACP50 through to ACP350 offering flexibility to suit system sizes up to 350 individual Damper actuation points, either 24V or 230V and incorporates layered security access through the inbuilt TFT touch screen interface, all encased in a steel enclosure with hinged lockable glass fronted door.

All ACP panels are supplied pre-programed to suit individual Project “Cause & Effect”, reducing on site commissioning time.

To complement THE ACP Panel and give robust network communication between the ACP Panel and remote dampers, a range of purpose designed Addressable Dampers Modules are available (ADM) to ensure secure and safe communications.

Not sure what to specify? Then call our sales office for friendly advice and guidance on writing your project specific specification

Click here to download ACP Series Product Leaflet

Posted 19th August 2021


The HD brochure has a new look and feel with greater blade profile options, case depth continuity, material grade options for blades and case, offering the same good quality that our customers have come to expect as standard.

Class C case leakage on all four case options.
Duct Velocity range to 20 m/s
Duct Pressure to 2000 Pa
DW 144 compliant
EN 1751 closed blade leakage performance tested

The majority of our dampers can be recovered for recycling

Check out the new HD brochure to see what you can include on your next project

Need to know more? Contact our sales office for an instant quotation.

Click here to download the HD Series Product Leaflet

Posted 29th October 2020


The Residential Volume Control Damper has been designed for the sole purpose of integration into PVC plastic rigid ducting.

Suits the three common plastic duct sizes
Unique adjusting locking handle.
Male fit eliminates the need for connectors
Quick install
Clear blade position indication

Purchase with confidence and give yourself a tick.

Volume pricing available.

Need to know more? Contact our sales office for an instant quotation.

Click here to download RVC Series Product Leaflet

Posted 15th June 2020

New "Batt" Installation Method"

BSB FSD-TD Batt Installation

Despite the effects of COVID-19 on our day to day lives and the impact on the UK construction industry, at BSB we continue to press ahead with our continuous improvement plans, bringing new products & product upgrades to market, based on customers feedback.

We recently launched our EASY FIX® Angle frame to make the installation of dampers quick and easy.

To further extend our product installation portfolio we have introduced our new BATT installation method, for the popular FSD-TD fire/smoke damper range.

The new “BATT” installation method underwent extensive 3rd party testing, achieving ES120 classification in both directions.

•  Tested to EN1366-2

•  Classified to EN13501-3

•  CE marked in accordance with EN15650

For the latest news & information, contact BSB Engineering Ltd on 01795 422609 or visit

Click here to download FSD-TD Series Product Brochure.

Posted 28th January 2020


New for January 2020, the FSD-TD Series Damper has a new design BAE72 Thermoelectric Tripping Device and universal colour coded wire connections.

The new shape head has a redesigned flush push test facility to minimise damage to the switch. The green LED indication light provides a quick visual check that power is available and the unit is operational.

The inclusion of universal colour wires for both power and indication, makes on site wiring easier and quicker. The wires are still numbered to provide continuity with older systems.

The patented EASY FIX angle frame for Dry Wall applications, tested installation is now included and can be found on page 11 of our FSD-TD Product Brochure.

These new features will be rolled out across our extended range in the future.

Click here to download FSD-TD Series Product Brochure.

Posted 9th December 2019


The ETD Series elevated temperature volume control damper is designed for the control of air through the connecting ductwork and is suitable for continuous elevated temperatures up to 300°C

Its design, construction and material selection have been specific to ensure a high quality, low-maintenance product is manufactured, supplied and installed.

The ETD Series control damper is not intended to comply with EN12101-8 Smoke and Heat Control Systems - Smoke Control Dampers.

In addition to operation at elevated temperatures, the ETD Series damper can also be used in conventional ducted systems where manual or motorised control dampers are called for.

The ETD damper has a unique dutch fold blade profile and actuator support bracket where a motorised version is requirement.

Click here to download ETD Series Product Brochure.

BSB Engineering Services Ltd. reserves the right to modify or withdraw any specification without prior notice that may result from continuous product development. The information contained within this website is for reference only. Full product details should be obtained from our Sales Office.

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