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FD Series - Installation

Installation Codes of Practice

The frame should be installed centrally within the thickness of the surrounding wall or floor. Or, in the case of thick walls or floors, the centre line of the frame should be at least 50mm away from the nearest face.

Where more than one duct penetrates a wall or floor, adjacent fire damper assemblies should be separated by builder’s work of a minimum thickness of 225mm. During installation, all fixing tabs should be bent out and built into the surrounding structure so as to ensure ‘‘positive fixing into the surrounding builder’s work’’.

The illustrated detail on this page is BSB’s interpretation of the HEVAC/HVCA Installation Frame specification. For additional details, contact our sales office.

Special Note:
All fire damper installations should be carried out to the satisfaction of the appropriate district surveyor, fire officer, building control authority and/or specifying authority as other approved methods of installation may well be used.

Installation Parameters

FD Series Fire Dampers are designed for application in normal dry filtered air systems. If exposed to fresh air intakes and/or inclement conditions the damper should be subject to a planned inspection programme.

Installations involving corrosive and/or aggressive hostile environmental conditions (e.g. swimming pools) may invalidate our warranty and should be referred to our Sales Office.

BSB Engineering Services Ltd. reserves the right to modify or withdraw any specification without prior notice that may result from continuous product development. The information contained within this website is for reference only. Full product details should be obtained from our Sales Office.

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